Company Profile and Possibilities

JLW Electronics has among others a repair service where we repair all kinds of electronic and electro mechanic equipment. We specialize in the repair and service of professional audio, video and light equipment. We also repair consumer electronics and domestic equipment locally. We can repair analogue and digital pcb's at component level, to a certain extend we can even replace smd's.

Among the equipment we repair are things like:
PA systems, amplifiers, mixing consoles, crossovers, keyboards, electronic organs and -accordions, guitars, bases, effect modules etc. We can re-cone speakers and place or customize filters. Solder and repair cables and multi-cables, connectors and plugs, breakout boxes and stage boxes. We have experience with the repair of measuring and control equipment.

If a power amplifier is broken and due to availability or otherwise difficult or expensive to repair, we can build you a new amplifier with very powerful but inexpensive circuits using the relatively expensive case and power supply of your broken amp. This way you have a good amplifier for a small price. We also regularly repair switched power-supplies for use with for instance treadmills, accu-chargers and low to high voltage converters.

Some of the smaller mobile device's like cell phones, pda's and camera's are sometimes cheaper to replace than repair, this depends on the problem with the device. However sometimes it can for instance be easier, to let us fix that hard to replace remote control.

JLW Electronics is also active with innovation of musical instruments.

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